Mobile Devices

The explosion of the Internet and never-ending creation of bandwidth-intensive content and applications for mobile devices has created a world where consumers constantly demand more storage, faster performance and longer battery life. However, current memory technologies will not be capable of keeping up with these demands.

Nantero’s NRAM® represents a new generation of super-fast, high-density non-volatile memory. With Nantero’s NRAM, mobile computing manufacturers have access to a memory with the best attributes of both flash and DRAM, providing the potential for terabits of storage in a small space, and consuming very little power.

  • Store millions of songs; hundreds of movies on one device
  • Extend battery life
  • Develop smaller and more innovative mobile computing designs
  • Add features and functionality never before possible
  • Deliver faster performance through far higher write speeds than flash

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Mobil Devices will take a leap forward with Nantero's NRAM