Company Overview

Company Overview

As the world leader in carbon nanotube electronics, Nantero has developed a new generation of memory called NRAM® (non-volatile random access memory). This new super-fast, ultra-high density memory replaces both DRAM and flash in a single chip, while also delivering the low power, high speed, reliability, and endurance needed to drive the next wave of electronics innovation.

Installed in multiple production fabs around the globe and able to scale below 5 nanometers over time, Nantero NRAM is currently being designed into exciting new products that will redefine what is possible in the world of electronics.

The Future of Memory

Targeting a wide range of markets, NRAM memory is as fast as DRAM, non-volatile like flash, and can be used in standard CMOS fabs with existing tools. This will enable manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to a new generation of memory, which has become a critical requirement as flash and DRAM technology near their end of life.

Comprehensive IP Portfolio

At the heart of Nantero’s NRAM is its unique use of carbon nanotube technology, which is considered to be one of the strongest materials known to man. As a pioneer in nanotechnology, Nantero has amassed one of the most comprehensive IP portfolios with over 170 US patents issued to date and more than 200 patents pending. This includes the world’s only family of patents for the material and methods to successfully bring carbon nanotubes into an existing CMOS fabrication facility.

Business Model

Nantero’s business model is based on licensing its IP to major chip manufacturers, foundries, and electronics companies around the world. The company supports its customers in offering NRAM as both embedded and standalone memory and is already working with over a dozen major corporations in partnership.


In July 2017, Nantero Inc. achieved ISO9001:2015 certification for “Design and Product Development of Nanotechnology” from Perry Johnson Registrars.