Consumer Electronics

In the trillion-dollar consumer electronics industry, consumers expect their devices to continually become more powerful, deliver new functionality with greater speed, and store more movies, pictures and music. While flash enabled substantial innovation during the past couple decades, a new generation of memory is required as flash hits technology roadblocks preventing it from scaling much further.

To drive the next wave of consumer electronics innovation, Nantero has developed high-density non-volatile memory called NRAM®, that is incredibly fast, provides massive amounts of storage in a small space and consumes very little power.

  • Delivers the potential for terabits of storage in a single chip
  • As fast as DRAM while still non-volatile like flash
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and harsh conditions

With Nantero’s NRAM, consumer electronics manufacturers can develop new, exciting consumer devices that were never before possible.

The transition to a next generation memory architecture is now possible. Nantero’s NRAM works in existing CMOS fabs with no new equipment required.

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