Enterprise Networks and Systems

The explosion of big data has created a critical need in enterprise networks to not only effectively capture and store vast amount of data, but to also analyze and share it to bring competitive advantages throughout the organization. With user- and machine-generated data increasing at a rapid rate, traditional data processing applications and storage devices are having trouble keeping up with these tasks.

NRAM® is a new generation of super-fast, high-density memory that delivers the performance, reliability and storage capacity that enterprise systems need to keep up with their data processing requirements.

NRAM has been proven to operate for orders of magnitude more cycles than flash and is also 100s of times faster than NAND, in fact equally as fast as DRAM. Therefore, NRAM can dramatically increase system performance and reduce power consumption by methods such as full or partial DRAM replacement, allowing companies to design in a new cache layer with gigabits of very fast non-volatile memory in front of the SSD or hard drive.

Click here for a white paper titled “NRAM Cache: A Fundamental Improvement in Hard Drive Controller Design.”

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